Herbal Medicine


GBEMC만의 특화된 한방약입니다

총명단   (Smart pill)

뇌속의 기억세포재생에 탁월한 효능을 가진 한약재를 사용하여 만들었습니다.

  1. 기억력 및 집중력 향상 · 치매예방 및 개선 Memorization improvement

  2. 수험생 · 직장인 · 기억력 감퇴자

백옥단 (White jade pill)

피부재생과 주름살 개선에 탁월한 한약재를 사용하여 만들었습니다.

  1. 주름살 개선 Anti-aging

  2. 피부재생 Dermal rejuvenation

슬림환 • 슬림탕

(Slim pill · decoction )

복부주변의 중성지방과 혈관내 콜레스테롤 제거에 탁월한 한약재를 사용하여 체중을 감소 시키면서 몸에 무리를 주지않는 다이어트 요법입니다.

  1. 중성지방 제거· 혈관내 콜레스테롤 제거

  2. 체중감소 Body weight loss


(Growth supplement decoction)  

오로지 성장기에만 사용할 수 있는 방제입니다.

  1. 성장기 청소년을 위한 성장촉진

  2. 성장기 청소년 면역력 증가

Valid, Objective Dx. System (객관적 한방진단 시스템)

  • 양방적 MRI, X-ray, Psychological Test를 통해 진단하는 것처럼 내원 환자분의 생리적/병리적 전신 진단결과를 바로제공
  • With scientific diagnosis system, GB clinic provides physiologic and pathologic diagnosis with our patients right after the diagnosis as MRI, X-ray and Psychological Test has done in western clinics
  • 해당 장부의 갑상선 기능,염증 및 암진단을 바로제공
  • GB clinic provides the results of Diagnosis with the patient whether or not he/she has a cancerous or thyroid functional disorders as well as inflammations of individual body organs right after the diagnosis
  • 여성질환 진단 결과를 바로 제공
  • GB clinic provides OB/GYN diagnosis with the female patients right after the diagnosis
  • 객관적 진단표를 가지고 맞춤형 한방치료 계획수립
  • GB Clinic makes the customized treatment plan based on objective diagnosis result sheet
  • 객관적 진단을 근거로 맞춤형 침, 뜸, 한약처방
  • GB clinic provides the customized treatment prescriptions with the individual patient based on the objective diagnosis
  • 치료 전과후를 맥진 검사표로 비교하여 치료변화를 객관적 제공
  • GB clinic provides valid and objective treatment trends with the patient comparing before and after treatment with the diagnosis result sheet

GB Acupuncture treatment for Burns 화상

3.5 year old boy on x/xx/20xx burned by hot cup noodle soup. The pictures show how well acupuncture has treated the burns. He got 13 acupuncture treatment sessions and has no burn-scar. I treated him for 13 sessions right after he got burns.

No scar after GB acupuncture treatment for burns.



D9 after 8 session acu.treatment



D13: my treatment done

11/10/2013(2m14days later)
2.5 months later

1/25/2014(5 months later)
5 months later

6/24/2016(2y10m later)
3 years 10 months later. no burn scar!!!

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My goal is to help you achieve revitalized wellness out of unhappy health issues. Having the practical experience based treatment, our clinic is dedicated to helping you find happiness within your body. Modern research has shown that acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body’s remarkable self-healing abilities.

Be of revitalized wellness with acupuncture, moxibustion modalities.

Our clinic is dedicated to helping you find healthy vital condition out of chronic disorders within your body. We provide high qualified specialists with experience based treatment, easy accessible, peaceful atmosphere, and affordable care. Commonly we treat using acupuncture, moxibustion, and esthetics. We have the resources for you to live healthy and feel better.