Mu Guk Bo Yang Tm

Mu Guk Bo Yang Tm (Tm means moxibustion in Korean) is a moxibustion method of performing three to five application of moxibustion every day on all 12 places (women have 13 places) including eight acupuncture points with half the size of a grain of rice of Mugwort. This procedure can be carried out by anyone regardless of their ailment or condition.

Meaning of Mu Guk Bo Yang Tm

It is the core of Gudang acupuncture – moxibustion technique, which was created according to the equilibrium principle of energy source, and the theories of Five Elements, Yin and  Yang. After being created through 20 years of clinical testing on  nearly all kinds of moxibustion methods in ancient medical books, this method has been proven effective on 60 years’s worth of patients. Mu Guk Bo Yang Tm is a medical technique for everyone on any kinds of diseases. It is a cure for ailment and vaccine against ailment. Thus, this method is needed regardless of whether or not there is an ailment.

Mu Guk

It is a possession notion showing a more origin oriented and large state than the Great Absolute which means the creation and movement of the universe. This proves amazing clinical effects of Mu Guk Bo Yang Tm, but also means that it is simple enough to act as a true medical science that can be granted to all.

Bo Yang

When people come down with diseases, it grows worse because they don’t eat well enough to fight the diseases. It can be said that death results from a lack of eating rather than the disease itself. Thus, Mu Gu Bo Yang Tm has a fundamental goal of eating and digesting well. Its Bo Yang shows that eating well and digesting it to grow one’s own nutrients is the basis of good health.

How to do it

That’s like…


Fig-1. Grip your left hand as in the following picture, place a small amount of Moxibustion (mugwort)  between your index and thumb finger, relaxing your

Fig-2. Pick out  small moxa-cone of a half size of a grain rice  with the right hand’s thumb and index

Fig-3. Dip water in moxa-ring and put it on an acu-point. If no moxa-ring is available, use wet-cotton instead

Fig-4. Put the moxa-cone on the acu-point

Fig-5. Use an incense stick to ignite the moxa-cone

Fig-6. Applying gentle pressure around the moxa-cone point with thumb, index and middle finger in a triangle will alleviate the heat-caused pain.