Valid, Objective Dx. System

  • 양방적 MRI, X-ray, Psychological Test를 통해 진단하는 것처럼 내원 환자분의 생리적/병리적 전신 진단결과를 바로제공
  • With scientific diagnosis system, DODAM clinic provides physiologic and pathologic diagnosis with our patients right after the diagnosis as MRI, X-ray and Psychological Test has done in western clinics
  • 해당 장부의 갑상선 기능,염증 및 암진단을 바로제공
  • DODAM clinic provides the results of Diagnosis with the patient whether or not he/she has a cancerous or thyroid functional disorders as well as inflammations of individual body organs right after the diagnosis
  • 여성질환 진단 결과를 바로 제공
  • DODAM clinic provides OB/GYN diagnosis with the female patients right after the diagnosis
  • 객관적 진단표를 가지고 맞춤형 한방치료 계획수립
  • DODAM Clinic makes the customized treatment plan based on objective diagnosis result sheet
  • 객관적 진단을 근거로 맞춤형 침, 뜸, 한약처방
  • DODAM clinic provides the customized treatment prescriptions with the individual patient based on the objective diagnosis
  • 치료 전과후를 맥진 검사표로 비교하여 치료변화를 객관적 제공
  • DODAM clinic provides valid and objective treatment trends with the patient comparing before and after treatment with the diagnosis result sheet